The Ornicopter     is a single rotor helicopter that has no tail rotor.


The DragonFly is an aircraft that gets its lift and thrust by flapping its wings, and is known as an ornithopter.

The propulsion, controls and the airframe systems for the DragonFly  and Ornicopter      aircraft are the brainchild of Richard Charron of Palm Beach Florida. They represent patents, both awarded and pending.

The particular insights, his use of balance for both loading and control, result in an aircraft with the highest propulsive efficiency and excellent controllability at low speeds.

Easy to fly

Inexpensive to own, operate and maintain

Energy efficient

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A whole new way to approach Flight

Imagine a flight system that allows one to operate comfortably at parking lot speeds of 0-15mph, compared to fixed-wing stall speeds of 50-80, with the feeling of being fully balanced and in control throughout the normal propellor-driven flight regime.

The Ornicopter     and DragonFly  are:

by Aero        Creations

Capable of Vertical and Extreme Short Takeoff and Landing distances